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I’m Sorry Mr. Holliman But… No!

House Majority Leader Hugh Holliman filed another infringement law on Wednesday morning. It can be found here: H.B. 2: Prohibit Smoking in Public & Work Places Act. This bill would enact strict rules to ban smoking in more places than ever before in N.C.

I’ve written about this in the past on other sites but after reading over the article on WRAL, I can see that there is at least one person in our government that feels EXACTLY as I do. I’ve spoken these exact feelings in the past.

“I have the right to choose where I go. What I don’t want to do is tell the person who has invested $1 million in his restaurant how he has to run the restaurant, what his rules have to be, what he has to allow and what he can allow,” said Sen. Eddie Goodall, R-Mecklenburg. (WRAL)

Ok, here is where my pity ends. You see Mr. Holliman has battled twice with lung cancer. I am sorry for that Mr. Holliman. I am also sorry that your sister died of the same. To me that says its probably more genetic than smoking but either way, I am very sorry you’ve been through all of that. I truly am.

“Holliman said he has experienced the danger of secondhand smoke firsthand – he believes it caused his two bouts with lung cancer and the death of his sister from the disease. Barnhart said his motivation is also personal.” (WRAL)

Did you see that I highlighted and italicized that one word above? Ok, I will say this and hope not to offend too much. This is ignorance talking. We all know smoking can kill you, cause Cancer, and just plain stink. I’ve dealt with it in my personal life as well however, this is ignorance. We’ve been told that second hand smoke is lethal over time. I’ve also been shown that all of those reports were well…. (Fecal matter of a male Bovine) This ignorance is taking a truth and then spinning it into anything you want. The Truth: Smoking causes cancer to those that smoke. The Spin: Smoking kills everyone around you, there’s no other explanation for it that comes easily so blame smokers since you don’t like it yourself.

That is about as ignorant as saying that since the majority of the prisoners in the Federal Penetentiary systems in the U.S. are Black (Truth), they must be not as smart, more violent as a race, and unfit for integration with the rest of the races (Spin). See? Stupid. Yet people have felt that way for years and kept our country from merging racially. Now looking back we see that segregation was stupid, and maybe we’ll see later that second hand smoke being a killer rather than just an annoyance was nothing more than smoke and mirrors in itself.

One’s personal preference and beliefs should not be pushed down on the rest of society. That would be a monarchy. Yes it will go to vote and yes I’d say that these days most of the persons up to vote for it are the non smoker high society types but they’ve beat this crap down in 03 and 07, maybe for us they’ll do it again.

Smoking is not good for you, it is not good for society as a whole, yes I understand that but it has not been proven to kill ‘others’. Until then, stay away from smokers and put on your big boy/girl pants and deal with it when you can’t. I smoke and I am very respectful of others. I know some people are not as respectful as I am but I roll my eyes and move on when I get choked out at a restaurant.

We should let the owners of establishments decide which group they want to alienate. In the land of Capitalism, their wallet will do the talking and they will decide based on what is best for them and their businesses.

I have no problem with some of the smoking bans that have been instituted in the past. This one finishes off where that one started on businesses but my biggest problem is the proposition to ban smoking in bars and restaurants. Restaurants aren’t so bad except due to loopholes in our system and in order to exploit them certain bars will file as a restaurant and vice versa. Banning smoking in most workplaces and buildings does not bother me. To me a person has less choice on where they work and spend 8 hours a day (everyone needs a job and they aren’t always optional as to what they can get.) than where they eat. As for the wait staff, bartenders, and patrons of bars and restaurants…. I consider it an occupational hazard. By hazard I don’t mean that they suffer health so much as they suffer the annoyance if smoking is not their preference.

I know as Americans as well as the rest of the world we will weaken ourselves to a Darwinistic annihilation with “political correctness” but until the last moment we stand as a group and wear our big boy pants….. This is still America where we will and SHOULD fight to the end for what we believe. Majority rule. Not the majority of high class congressmen/women but majority of the voting population. Put the Bill on a ballot.

That is all…. For now.

– Jason