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Holy Terror Balls Batman… (Bazz) Week 2

So, although Bazz is coming along great with regard to biting in general he still has his moments. It’s been almost two weeks and if he’s bored, which he gets bored after about 10 seconds with any toy, he comes at you chomping.

I personally love waking him up from his naps for his walks because for about 2 minutes he is the sweetest boy on earth. All lovey dovey and kissy faced. Get it while you can because momentarily his full throttle will kick in and it’s his turn to take you down to chomper town. Even with all of this, he’s coming along.

With ‘he’s coming along’ being said, the little shit was in a mood Tuesday.

There was nothing that could be done to console him. He was terror on paw pads. No toy would satiate him. He wanted flesh and/or clothing. Anything he could reach. He would not listen. He would not behave. He would not do anything but chomp and shred at anything that could piss off an adult. This was officially the first time I felt hopeless in rescuing this sweet baby boy.

I believe his problem was his stomach was upset and although while he looked like he was playfully lashing out, in all reality I think he just didnt feel well and did not know how to express it. I needed to actually step away for a few minutes becuase I was at the point of lashing out myself.

Wednesday morning was rough but not as bad and by Wednesday night, he was back to normal for the most part. Poor guy. He’s picked up this habit when he’s feeling feisty for attention in which he follows behind you and jumps and bites at your ass…. This is one thing I WILL NOT TOLERATE. I have very little patience for this one and he unfortunately learns quickly that my fuse is short with this one particular behavior.

We’ll see how this goes….

Week one with Sebastian. (Bazz)

So, the first thing we found out about Sebastian, our new 11 week old bully is…. the bastard bites… A LOT! I mean, yes he’s a puppy and I’ve been around plenty of puppies but damn! We couldn’t pet him because his way of loving back was BITE BITE BITE! Those little razor sharp shark puppy teeth and bully jaws… OMG, this is going to be an adventure but before I get too far ahead of myself….

Our friend told us that we could use our carrier for a bit as a crate until we had time to purchase one. We put him in it for the night on day one. Ahem, night one. Nope, this isn’t going to work. It was tighter than a horse in a transfer trailer… poor guy. He dealt with it on night one but the next day we got him one. We made sure we got one that would be sufficient when he’s grown to full size but has an adjustable partition wall to keep him in a smaller area for now. While crate training any puppy you do not want to give them too much room. Dogs that are training need to feel that they do NOT want to relieve themselves in their own home. If you give them too much room, they will feel that the other end of the crate is sufficient for a bathroom and WILL take advantage of it instead of holding it for when you walk them next.

Now back to Sebastian and his wicked ways…

The little turd burglar wouldn’t let us pet him without feeling his love through his razor-like mouth. Although he picked up ‘sit’ immediately, the only time we could reward him with a pat or rub was if he was eating his treat (2 seconds) or if you had him completely engaged with a chew toy. Now don’t get me wrong, this pup has NO issues with being touched. If occupied orally, you can grab, tug, pull and pet anywhere on his body pretty much. He has no qualms with you handling his ears, tail or paws. That is a good thing. He just wants to ‘love’ you back and doesn’t understand that his mouth and teeth aren’t the only way of doing such.

In the last week we’ve taught him ‘sit’ a bit better so you don’t HAVE to have a treat handy, and ‘down’ (lay down) is coming along nicely. The most important thing we’ve taught him is ‘kisses’. This is where he licks your hands, etc instead of gnawing on them. Don’t get me wrong. The little asshole still has his moments when he just wants to be a butthead and nibble but we’re down to maybe 30% of what he was before and most of the time now you can pet and caress him freely without being used as a chew-toy yourself. I consider this a great accomplishment!