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Yet Another New Start

I can’t recall how many times I’ve “restarted” this blog after a long hiatus. I’ve come and gone over the years as my life allowed or I had the desire to write or contribute different categorical things. Well, I have made a lot of life changes over the last year or more and I’m thinking I may jump back into this arena as I have time. Don’t get me wrong, just because I’ve made changes and I feel more relaxed with life itself, I actually seem to have less time than ever.

As a message to any of you who were like my former self that think you do not have any time to do anything because you’re busy… Yeah, A lot of times, you’re not as busy as you think. I never seemed to find time for pleasure or relaxation however, now I know that my life had it infused all over the place. Just because you don’t have huge blocks of time bundled together to do what you want or not do anything, does not mean you don’t have time. A lot of times, like in my case it comes down to time management. That is something I’ve never been quite disciplined at but something over the last year I’m becoming more and more disciplined at.

I have so much less time these days both at work and at home that I look back and just shake my head. I’m still happy and a lot of times, busy is good for me, but I just want to smack the spit out of my former self for being so lazy and bad with time management. 😉

See you soon!

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How To Piss Off Women Not Really Paying Attention!

No this episode is NOT designed to piss off women but it will still happen. It will happen because people will listen to this episode without paying attention to what I am truly saying. Want a hint? It’s about women’s equality and how they are not truly equal and what it will take to make it that way.

You can’t demand equality while still requesting special privileges. Thats now how equality works. Equality is EQUAL. Either you want to be equal or you don’t. I’m not talking just about women in that aforementioned statement but for the sake of this post, I will be.


Men’s pro tennis players play five sets. Women play three (a holdover from 1902, when the US Lawn Tennis Association cut women’s play, fearing over-exertion).

A 12-year-old girl who enters a local tournament sanctioned by US Kids Golf plays just nine holes; a boy her age in the same tournament plays 18 – regardless of their relative skill or experience.

Rule differences in sports?


Men have to wear heavy gloves, women can choose to wear thinner gloves for a better grip.

Men allow 10 players on the field at a time, Women allow 12. (wtf?)


Women: Smaller basketball, No time limit for crossing half court, 3 point line is closer

Football: HAHA I would love to see women play football. Thats not sarcastic, I believe they could do it however, I would have no interest if they couldn’t physically engage the other player which kind of ruins women’s LAX. Let them hit, be hit, and enjoy it just as much as a man. I’m not sure a lot of sports I’d allow cross gender playing because of size differences of male athletes vs. female athlete’s but I think there are a few that could allow it easily due to them being a lot more equal. I think men and women could play basketball and/or soccer together. Women are not at a true disadvantage by size in these sports. Pro American football however, would be a very unfair and dangerous game. There are exceptions to every rule but I think these are pretty obvious.

Enough about sports, lets venture elsewhere.

The military:

Now I’m not the know all / end all regarding military training so if I am off on a few things, please let me know.

Hair: Bootcamp’s biggest kick in the teeth for a lot of people is the shaved head. It sets uniformity and helps put everyone on the same low level psychologically. Women want to be more and more equal in their military positions right? Why are women not required to fully shave their heads like men? Is the military saying women deserve any more special treatment than the men?

Well the Marines first messed up but then during their backtrack did what should have been done all along. Kudo’s Ladies and Gentlemen.

The article is here:

Your MOS / job is based on your physical capabilities as opposed to your gender. No man or woman deserve to be in a position strictly because you lowered the standards for them to be there. If men can’t pass the test, they can’t be allowed to do the job, same as women.

The workplace:

Personally as with the rest of these topics I do not have any issues with women wanting and getting to be equal. Go for it. However, earn it. If you get a lower standard in order to be ‘equal’ with a man, you do not deserve it. I feel that way about anything and everything. It’s not about male vs. female. It’s about the word ‘equal’.

Now in the workplace generally there’s no need for standards to be lowered. Men and women have the same capacity for mental skill and education. No one man is smarter than a woman because he is a man, or vice versa. Now some jobs may be easier for a man to do… even mentally. We generally are less emotional when making decisions in comparison to women but thats not a weakness on a woman’s behalf and sometimes is a benefit.

There is one time a year or every couple years that I definitely discriminate by gender. Its when I vote. Now hold on, don’t get your panties in a twist ladies. I discriminate in  your favor. Whenever I vote for judges and I unfortunately do not know a lot about the candidates, I tend to vote for the woman. Historically women are harder on criminals that deserve it than a man. I don’t know why, and maybe its the motherly nature of women protecting what could potentially be the next victim but generally women judges cut less slack.

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Holy Terror Balls Batman… (Bazz) Week 2

So, although Bazz is coming along great with regard to biting in general he still has his moments. It’s been almost two weeks and if he’s bored, which he gets bored after about 10 seconds with any toy, he comes at you chomping.

I personally love waking him up from his naps for his walks because for about 2 minutes he is the sweetest boy on earth. All lovey dovey and kissy faced. Get it while you can because momentarily his full throttle will kick in and it’s his turn to take you down to chomper town. Even with all of this, he’s coming along.

With ‘he’s coming along’ being said, the little shit was in a mood Tuesday.

There was nothing that could be done to console him. He was terror on paw pads. No toy would satiate him. He wanted flesh and/or clothing. Anything he could reach. He would not listen. He would not behave. He would not do anything but chomp and shred at anything that could piss off an adult. This was officially the first time I felt hopeless in rescuing this sweet baby boy.

I believe his problem was his stomach was upset and although while he looked like he was playfully lashing out, in all reality I think he just didnt feel well and did not know how to express it. I needed to actually step away for a few minutes becuase I was at the point of lashing out myself.

Wednesday morning was rough but not as bad and by Wednesday night, he was back to normal for the most part. Poor guy. He’s picked up this habit when he’s feeling feisty for attention in which he follows behind you and jumps and bites at your ass…. This is one thing I WILL NOT TOLERATE. I have very little patience for this one and he unfortunately learns quickly that my fuse is short with this one particular behavior.

We’ll see how this goes….

so… I’m Back With A Brand New Plan

Well, Kind of a new plan. I still have the good ole’ habit of abandoning this place because I stay too busy with all the new things I have to keep myself involved in for whatever reason at one time or another. Nevertheless (<– my most abused word lately), my latest point of interest that I’ve thrown myself into is actually beneficial in every aspect. Curious yet? I figured as much. I finally decided actually DIET. No, I’m not on ‘Jenny Craig’ or ‘Weight Watchers’ or any other shop around diet plan. I’ve collected enough common sense information and have decided to do the ‘Jason Diet’. No, this is not some new fangled, new aged crazy crash diet. This is basically a diet at it’s simplest form that most people seem to have forgotten…. <top secret> and Discipline.

I do not track Carbs, Sodium, Vitamins, Fats, Trans Fats, Glucose, blah blah blah… or any other sophisticated sounding words. I track 1 thing. Waaaaaait for itttttt. Waaaaaait for ittttt. Calories. YES! Calories! <not so top secret anymore is it?> Remember those? My diet plan is simple and there are a few more parts that come into play over all to assist with the diet (which I will get to) but overall. The only thing I pay attention to day and night is my calorie intake for the day.

Calories are simple. (yes yes I know there are also ‘calories from fat’) but we’re not going there just yet. The goal of this diet is pretty simple. Take in less calories in a day/week than you actually burn. Your body burns calories just to operate normally (BMR) as well as everything you do all day/night. So you basically figure what you burn in a day and take in less than that magic number. I will get to showing you how to calculate this since I know you are oh so interested. Some nutritionist may come in here and say “Jason! Your’re explaining this all wrong!” at any point but they won’t be able to say that I’m wrong in the results. I may not know some terminology or exactly how glucose is broken down but I’m merely going to explain to you what I’ve learned right or wrong. This is your one and only disclaimer. What you read here is ‘USE AT YOUR OWN RISK’ however, it is also so much based on common sense that you should be able to stand back and realize it just works.

Ok, Your body burns calories much like a car burns fuel. If you take in less calories in your daily dietary intake, then it will burn off calories that your body is storing in other forms… Such as fats?????  There we go. Ok, good luck Bye now….

Just kidding. You do have to be careful. The safe average that I’ve found in weight lost during a week is about 2lbs. Much more than that and your body can go into starvation mode. Once this happens your metabolism slows down to conserve. (which is a bad thing for dieters.) Also you need to worry about your body beginning to burn away muscle instead of fat. In my ‘country boy’ ignorance I’ll have to say I don’t scientifically know why it switches to muscle but so long as I avoid it, I can spend time learning that as I go.

Lets break this down using my numbers: My BMR is almost 1800 calories a day. BMR is your Basal Metabolic Rate. This is the amount of calories your body will burn if you laid in bed all day and did not do a single thing. The amount of calories needed to sustain bodily functions such as heart rates, breathing, etc. If you have a desk job like myself and are generally pretty ‘sedentary’ throughout the day you can probably add about 600 calories to your BMR as the small amount you’ll burn just moving about doing your daily tasks. This puts my average unassisted calorie burn at about 2400. People who are more active may burn upwards of 3000 or more not counting excercise.

The average calculated amount of calories per 1lb of mass is about 3500. I say that to say this. In order to lose 1lb. a week without excercise would be to average -500 calories from your total amount burned a day. So if my normal burn rate is 2400 (BMR+activities) then assuming I only intake 1900 calories a day…. after 7 days (7 x -500) I would be -3500 for the week thus losing a lb a week. Make sense? 2lbs would take me to a daily intake of 1400 a day. You need to be careful. If you’re a smaller person in general then your total (BMR+activities) may only be 1600 a day and you cannot afford a deficit more than -500 a day. Your body needs more than 1000 to 1100 calories a day. (again, I am no nutricianalist and my numbers as far as minimums needed safely may be off a bit.) Any less than that and you risk starvation mode. Intake of less than that here and there is not a major ordeal but a crash diet of sustained daily calorie intake of less than minimum is dangerous.

I will just leave you with that for now. Feel free to chew on it and throw information my way. I am not inviting any flaming posts about this and that but good helpful insight to things I may have wrong or have missed is appreciated.

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Notify Al Gore and The Presses; Jason has gone GREEN


I’m not sure what got me thinking about it but all of a sudden I’d gotten a wild hair to look at new bikes. Maybe it’s been a couple random great weather days or the bikes I’ve seen on those days but I’ve gotten my spring bike fever and have been itching to ride. After looking around a bit I settled on a bike that fit what I needed in power, comfort, and design as well as what I wanted in look and aesthetics. The bike I became fascinated with in my search is the 2009 Ninja 650R.

My first bike and the one I am migrating from is a Kawasaki ZR-7S. I love this bike. Kawasaki did a good job and designing the ZR with power and comfort but it was time for me to step up to something a little more modern. The 650R comes with digital display, fuel injection, a clock (you don’t understand how valuable this can be), and a little more zip to it even with a listed 100cc less between your legs.

Here are pictures of my bikes, both the 2001 ZR-7S and the 2009 Ninja 650R respectively.

DSC00192  ninja_1

Although the perspectives are a little skewed with the pictures you may be able to tell that the ZR7 is a little bigger. The dry weight on the Ninja is listed as 40lbs lighter than the ZR7 and although it feels a lot lighter than that, I’m thinking a lot of the weight difference (in how it feels) is due to a lower center of gravity as well as the fact that I’ve gotten use to wrestling with the weight and possibly have strengthened a few muscles in the couple of years I was maneuvering the ZR7.

One thing I do notice immediately is the lack of comfort. The comfort of the Ninja is not lacking however I already miss my Corbin seat. Riding a steel pony for longer than 45 minutes can leave your derrière a little or a LOT fatigued. Unfortunately the Corbin seat for the 650R is about $450.00 and is not high on my list of affordable upgrades. One upgrade that is on my list to buy soon is a set of ‘Grab Bars’ for the back. The need for grab bars isn’t so much for a passenger but for strapping things to the back. The stock Ninja does not come with the grab bars like it’s sister the ER-6n. I still have not figured this one out. Anyone from Kawasaki care to chime in?

I will need to sell the ZR7 soon, I don’t really want to continue to pay for a bike I don’t ride…. Anyone interested?

Overflowing Bathtub of Red Water

There is a song on the Rehab CD that caught my attention the very first time I heard it. It catches you off guard because the tune of the song does not lead you into what the concept and original ploy is. I hate to ruin it for you by giving you the chorus without the rhythm or music but for the sake of this post… I have to. But first, I’ll lead you up to the chorus with an abbreviated version of the story line.

The entire song is based on the point of view of a 12 year old boy. It kind of reminds you of what you thought about and/or said to yourself or friends when you were that age. It begins with this young boy admiring the house and yard of the neighbor. He goes on to talk about how beautiful this man’s house is, how green and well manicured his lawn is, his cars, etc. He mentions how beautiful the man’s wife is and mentions a crush on her. All of this is leading you into thinking how wonderful this man’s life must be with all of his surroundings and possessions. Then the chorus kicks in. It mentions his wife and son getting home and his son staying outside to play with the storyteller only to leave the wife to find the husband…

“And he was layin’
In an overflowing bathtub of red water
the first and the last time he ever relaxed
And they said he had a smile on his face, his final offer
The steam on the mirror said ‘one more thing to say’”

I guess you see where one could ‘insert knee jerk reaction here’, right?

Let me tell you about my first thoughts. My first thoughts were not: “OMG, that poor guy!” or “What an ungrateful ……” or anything else one may think would be a normal reaction.

My first thoughts were… “I understand.” Yeah, don’t freak out, it was just my first thought.

Have you ever been so exhausted and sleep depraved that all you can do is wonder when and how you are going to get some rest? Have you ever felt like you’ve given everything you’ve got at a job or anything else only to be overlooked or feel it’s getting you nowhere? Ever felt unhappy no matter how much you own or buy? I think a lot of us have and thus my first thought was… “I understand.”

No worries, I’m still around. But it is a good song though.

– Jason


And in an appropriate moment of Zen…


It Is Just Sad

Today’s society is so screwed up, twisted, and uncaring that it is really sad that a person that would consider themselves a ‘Good Samaritan’ has to second guess everything they do because you never know when it will end up biting you in the butt.

The other night my buddy and I were out trying to snag a few geocaches out of boredom and we found ourselves in a less than safe and pleasant part of town. Not a big deal, I generally can hold my own so to speak but as we were leaving, a woman approached my truck smiling and waving. She was probably in her 40’s or 50’s and dressed semi ‘dressy’. She was rambling about her car, some guys telling her something about her car, Christians and Jesus. She stopped telling me random things and just looked at me. Now this is one of my pet peeves. I can’t stand when someone tells me random things and assumes I know what they want or are talking about. So I ask her kindly, “So, what can I do for you ma’am?”

She basically wanted me to jump start her car. Easy-peasy as far as I am concerned however her car is located on the other side of the parking lot and near a tree line of the nearby woods. I cannot as a man leave this woman out here at night but my overwhelming concern was that this was a set-up. Call it what you will but my ghetto wisdom is pretty sharp, having been raised in one for part of my life.

I hated to pawn off the labor but I looked at my buddy while we were idling across the parking lot to her car and asked him if he minded doing the ‘jumping’ part while I kept my eyes on the wood-line and parking lot all the while watching our backs and keeping my hand on my pistol (which was now in my waist-band.) She could not see that I was carrying due to my position on the other side of the truck. He had ABSOLUTELY no problem with that idea considering his ‘Spidey Sense’ was going nuts as well.

I felt kind of bad because this woman kept talking to us, calling us her angels and such and trying to carry on a conversation while we were assisting her however, I had to keep breaking eye contact with her to scan our surroundings. Did I mention that part of my suspicion arose because she sounded more than kind of inebriated?

We quickly got her car started and she kept mentioning how it started before when someone else had jumped her car off but it had ‘died’ again soon afterwards. I told her that we would stay until she was able to get moving along her way to which she replied. “See, I can tell you is a Christian.”

I love helping people and I also love the warm feeling that comes from helping others. It was nice being able to help this woman in a time of need. It is just sad that people have to feel like they are in a trap, or about to be swindled every time they are asked for help.

So I’m up late again…

More like up early. It’s my weekend to get up at 0200 and apply security patches on the systems at work. I generally do this at least once a month. The other times I’m up this early its for production issues and isn’t as fun because it isn’t planned.

I’m also applying firmware updates to my Blade servers which takes about 15-20 minutes a piece since there are 3 to apply to each blade so this is dragging out longer than normal. Usually an hour or two and I can crash again for a bit before the normal work day. Today… I’ll probably just go shower in a bit and head in early. No sense in sleeping for an hour only to wake up irritable. 🙂

Ok, well I’m finally done. and in only 3.5 hours. The sad thing is I ran out of time. I still have about 7 blades to update but I will have to do those on the next rotation. Oh well. I tried.

On a different note: I snagged about 30 Geocaches (spelled that way just for you Jon!) over the course of the last week. I’m now up to 56 or so. Look out Jonathan here I come! Now I just need to fly to N.O. to get the ones he snagged from down there!

Oh well, more to come later, right now I need to get moving I guess to make the most of my day.

Your moment of Monday Zen…



– Jason

Pushing on

So I’ve gotten lazy and busy with other stuff and I’ve slowly let this place fall behind. The bad thing about falling behind on a blog is that with limited time already a problem you find yourself struggling to find time to do the extra work to catch up on all that has been missed. I’ll do the best I can.

Regarding the Somalian Pirates: Apparently (if it even came to be his direct decision) President Obama took a tougher stance than I expected on getting our Captain back. We’ve arrested one and snipers took out the two holding him prisoner (with headshots woot!). Long story short…. Our boy is back home. Hoorah!

My best friend came to visit me from Florida. By best friend I mean my mother and I miss her already. She was only up for a couple days but as usual we had a great time. Her and Dan are always great company and we got to all spend some good time together running around, taking pictures, and eating lots of food. Come back and visit soon!

One bad thing about the fact that I’ve picked up Photography again is that my Motorcycle fun has taken a back seat to it. The weather has been spectacular lately and I’ve not taken advantage of it the way I’ve wanted. I can strap the camera to my back and jump on the bike but there are other complications. Oh well. I’ll learn balance eventually.

As of today I’ve quit smoking for .. .. 33 days. One month down… many more to go. (hopefully =P)

I think I may have an additional hobby. (geez thanks Jonathan) but at least this one can coincide with photography. Geo Caching. Look it up. I’ll write up more on it later. Until then I think I’ll try to find my first one on the way home today. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I’ll add more later but for now.. your moment of Zen..




The Truth that has been neglected and forgotten.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people,
it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come
to dominate our lives and interests.” ~ Patrick Henry