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The Last Will and Testament of ‘Juliet Whiskey Tango’

What I’ve done is created a monster. A hateful resenting beast that forgives only itself. What I’ve allowed is my mind to slip to the recesses of where it has made a home in my far past.

A comfort zone is where I lay, paralyzed by hurt and instability. 3’s they come in 3’s, and what would life be like for everyone else if I laid down mine?

I wonder what everyone’s eulogy for me would consist of… I lay awake at night thinking hurtful thoughts… thoughts that only hurt me. Thoughts that may or may not be or have been but my mind finds comfort in my self inflicted pain. Things transpiring before my eyes as if I were there. Why? How? When? Who?

This monster laughs at my pain. If you could see me at any given moment right now you would see me smiling. I am not happy but I am smiling. If you intentionally hurt me right now you would see me smirk then a chilling grin and then a smile. It is my demon not me, for I am gone right now…

Leave a message and I may call you when I return.

– Jason Roberson

Pipe Dreams & Vanity







Another 100 Moment

While out geocaching the other night, I reached the 100 ‘found’ mark. We, Jonathan and I, are trying to close out the Clayton/Zebulon areas and work our way back to Raleigh. There are only a handful in the Knightdale area I have left to log, being the 2 behind the Target shopping center, 3 behind the library, and a handful that are off on some back roads. We’re both off Monday so maybe we can plan to kill those off during the day.

We are also trying to come up with a ‘team name’ so we don’t have to waste two spaces on the log when we both sign it. Any suggestions?

On a different note, I’m once again behind on my PhotoChallenge shots. I need to snag my Silk and Shoe shots. I know what I want to get but need to obtain the items. Anyone have a pair of pink ballerina shoes? How about a silk belt? Oh well. I’ve got all the ones I need from that point to present. I need to stop being lazy and just make them happen.

Here’s that Zen thing I owe you all…


– Jason

An Entire Post of Zenage.

While cruising around on lunch Friday, I came across an exit ramp with a field of flowers on it. The colors grabbed my attention and forced the truck to the side of the road and into ‘Park’. I grabbed the camera and walked a few feet to the field and begun to shutterbug away.

Here are a few of the flowers out there.


Flowers (7) Flowers Flowers (2)Flowers (5) Flowers (3) Flowers (4)  Flowers (6)


– Jason

To Protect and Serve




Thanks Brother.

– Jason

Nine Thirty

I know I haven’t made a real post in a while but I had to get this one up.



Thanks girls for doing the dirty work. It turned out better than I had expected.

– Jason

An Instant Favorite


In Her Eyes.


After Hours

These were taken after work tonight.


purple_flower  cannon_blurcannon_blur_2      night_skyline-2 Please_fade graffiti_boylan

– Jason