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Solar Requirements Calculator

After much deliberation and research I’ve decided to go solar. I’ve considered it in the past but due to some of the constraints, at the time, I decided against it. While those constraints still exist, I’ve realized it is still a win/win by going solar, at least in my situation and most others. I will try to document my journey as I go.

After long hours of research, discussions with solar engineers and crunching numbers, I decided to write a calculated form to give you and others a rough estimate of how many panels you would need in order to have a 100% solar offset. (ie. replace 100% of your grid power usage overall.) The key things to remember for this chart is that it is an estimate. There’s no way to guarantee sunlight, weather, etc. This is also based on NC’s solar peak average of availability and panels pointing directly South without trees, shade, etc. blocking the panels at any point.

If you’re not in NC, look at the following resources to get your area’s solar ‘peak’ availability.


US Solar Map

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