Just a Tech Guy

It has been a while.

I’ve not gone AWOL so much as I’ve just gotten myself really busy. I’ve done nothing but work and shoot photos and look for things to shoot and plan where to shoot more and work some more and edit photos and edit more photos and shoot more photos and get further behind on everything else including editing more photos. A lot right? What have I gotten myself into? I just don’t know.

I promise to get back and give you some updates on several things but I’m just too tired tonight. I will probably be busy tomorrow night too. I think tomorrow night is the Raleigh Tea Party down town. And for any eyebrows that just went up… I mean in relation to the Boston Tea Party not in relation to Sissy’s stuffed animals sitting around a 2 foot tall plastic table with plastic dinnerware. These things are going on all around the country and I want to be present to not only possibly participate but to get some photos of Americans doing what we never do enough anymore. Speak our minds to our government!

And now… your moment of Zen….

(Mind you I dislike my picture being taken.)


– Jason

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