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It Is Just Sad

Today’s society is so screwed up, twisted, and uncaring that it is really sad that a person that would consider themselves a ‘Good Samaritan’ has to second guess everything they do because you never know when it will end up biting you in the butt.

The other night my buddy and I were out trying to snag a few geocaches out of boredom and we found ourselves in a less than safe and pleasant part of town. Not a big deal, I generally can hold my own so to speak but as we were leaving, a woman approached my truck smiling and waving. She was probably in her 40’s or 50’s and dressed semi ‘dressy’. She was rambling about her car, some guys telling her something about her car, Christians and Jesus. She stopped telling me random things and just looked at me. Now this is one of my pet peeves. I can’t stand when someone tells me random things and assumes I know what they want or are talking about. So I ask her kindly, “So, what can I do for you ma’am?”

She basically wanted me to jump start her car. Easy-peasy as far as I am concerned however her car is located on the other side of the parking lot and near a tree line of the nearby woods. I cannot as a man leave this woman out here at night but my overwhelming concern was that this was a set-up. Call it what you will but my ghetto wisdom is pretty sharp, having been raised in one for part of my life.

I hated to pawn off the labor but I looked at my buddy while we were idling across the parking lot to her car and asked him if he minded doing the ‘jumping’ part while I kept my eyes on the wood-line and parking lot all the while watching our backs and keeping my hand on my pistol (which was now in my waist-band.) She could not see that I was carrying due to my position on the other side of the truck. He had ABSOLUTELY no problem with that idea considering his ‘Spidey Sense’ was going nuts as well.

I felt kind of bad because this woman kept talking to us, calling us her angels and such and trying to carry on a conversation while we were assisting her however, I had to keep breaking eye contact with her to scan our surroundings. Did I mention that part of my suspicion arose because she sounded more than kind of inebriated?

We quickly got her car started and she kept mentioning how it started before when someone else had jumped her car off but it had ‘died’ again soon afterwards. I told her that we would stay until she was able to get moving along her way to which she replied. “See, I can tell you is a Christian.”

I love helping people and I also love the warm feeling that comes from helping others. It was nice being able to help this woman in a time of need. It is just sad that people have to feel like they are in a trap, or about to be swindled every time they are asked for help.

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  1. Nice run down of the situation! I like that you gave me “spidey sense”! I think we did a good job of handling the situation.. On the subject of the post…i completely agree as you know. In today’s world random people can not be trusted and you never know what kind of situation you are getting in when helping them. You have to pay attention to all your surroundings as well as doing the job at hand. It is amazing to me to look back 10-15 years and see that anyone would stop and help you no matter who you were. I guess that is just how things change but it is still sad.

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