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Overflowing Bathtub of Red Water

There is a song on the Rehab CD that caught my attention the very first time I heard it. It catches you off guard because the tune of the song does not lead you into what the concept and original ploy is. I hate to ruin it for you by giving you the chorus without the rhythm or music but for the sake of this post… I have to. But first, I’ll lead you up to the chorus with an abbreviated version of the story line.

The entire song is based on the point of view of a 12 year old boy. It kind of reminds you of what you thought about and/or said to yourself or friends when you were that age. It begins with this young boy admiring the house and yard of the neighbor. He goes on to talk about how beautiful this man’s house is, how green and well manicured his lawn is, his cars, etc. He mentions how beautiful the man’s wife is and mentions a crush on her. All of this is leading you into thinking how wonderful this man’s life must be with all of his surroundings and possessions. Then the chorus kicks in. It mentions his wife and son getting home and his son staying outside to play with the storyteller only to leave the wife to find the husband…

“And he was layin’
In an overflowing bathtub of red water
the first and the last time he ever relaxed
And they said he had a smile on his face, his final offer
The steam on the mirror said ‘one more thing to say’”

I guess you see where one could ‘insert knee jerk reaction here’, right?

Let me tell you about my first thoughts. My first thoughts were not: “OMG, that poor guy!” or “What an ungrateful ……” or anything else one may think would be a normal reaction.

My first thoughts were… “I understand.” Yeah, don’t freak out, it was just my first thought.

Have you ever been so exhausted and sleep depraved that all you can do is wonder when and how you are going to get some rest? Have you ever felt like you’ve given everything you’ve got at a job or anything else only to be overlooked or feel it’s getting you nowhere? Ever felt unhappy no matter how much you own or buy? I think a lot of us have and thus my first thought was… “I understand.”

No worries, I’m still around. But it is a good song though.

– Jason


And in an appropriate moment of Zen…


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