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So I’ve gotten lazy and busy with other stuff and I’ve slowly let this place fall behind. The bad thing about falling behind on a blog is that with limited time already a problem you find yourself struggling to find time to do the extra work to catch up on all that has been missed. I’ll do the best I can.

Regarding the Somalian Pirates: Apparently (if it even came to be his direct decision) President Obama took a tougher stance than I expected on getting our Captain back. We’ve arrested one and snipers took out the two holding him prisoner (with headshots woot!). Long story short…. Our boy is back home. Hoorah!

My best friend came to visit me from Florida. By best friend I mean my mother and I miss her already. She was only up for a couple days but as usual we had a great time. Her and Dan are always great company and we got to all spend some good time together running around, taking pictures, and eating lots of food. Come back and visit soon!

One bad thing about the fact that I’ve picked up Photography again is that my Motorcycle fun has taken a back seat to it. The weather has been spectacular lately and I’ve not taken advantage of it the way I’ve wanted. I can strap the camera to my back and jump on the bike but there are other complications. Oh well. I’ll learn balance eventually.

As of today I’ve quit smoking for .. .. 33 days. One month down… many more to go. (hopefully =P)

I think I may have an additional hobby. (geez thanks Jonathan) but at least this one can coincide with photography. Geo Caching. Look it up. I’ll write up more on it later. Until then I think I’ll try to find my first one on the way home today. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I’ll add more later but for now.. your moment of Zen..




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