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So I’m up late again…

More like up early. It’s my weekend to get up at 0200 and apply security patches on the systems at work. I generally do this at least once a month. The other times I’m up this early its for production issues and isn’t as fun because it isn’t planned.

I’m also applying firmware updates to my Blade servers which takes about 15-20 minutes a piece since there are 3 to apply to each blade so this is dragging out longer than normal. Usually an hour or two and I can crash again for a bit before the normal work day. Today… I’ll probably just go shower in a bit and head in early. No sense in sleeping for an hour only to wake up irritable. 🙂

Ok, well I’m finally done. and in only 3.5 hours. The sad thing is I ran out of time. I still have about 7 blades to update but I will have to do those on the next rotation. Oh well. I tried.

On a different note: I snagged about 30 Geocaches (spelled that way just for you Jon!) over the course of the last week. I’m now up to 56 or so. Look out Jonathan here I come! Now I just need to fly to N.O. to get the ones he snagged from down there!

Oh well, more to come later, right now I need to get moving I guess to make the most of my day.

Your moment of Monday Zen…



– Jason

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