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Notify Al Gore and The Presses; Jason has gone GREEN


I’m not sure what got me thinking about it but all of a sudden I’d gotten a wild hair to look at new bikes. Maybe it’s been a couple random great weather days or the bikes I’ve seen on those days but I’ve gotten my spring bike fever and have been itching to ride. After looking around a bit I settled on a bike that fit what I needed in power, comfort, and design as well as what I wanted in look and aesthetics. The bike I became fascinated with in my search is the 2009 Ninja 650R.

My first bike and the one I am migrating from is a Kawasaki ZR-7S. I love this bike. Kawasaki did a good job and designing the ZR with power and comfort but it was time for me to step up to something a little more modern. The 650R comes with digital display, fuel injection, a clock (you don’t understand how valuable this can be), and a little more zip to it even with a listed 100cc less between your legs.

Here are pictures of my bikes, both the 2001 ZR-7S and the 2009 Ninja 650R respectively.

DSC00192  ninja_1

Although the perspectives are a little skewed with the pictures you may be able to tell that the ZR7 is a little bigger. The dry weight on the Ninja is listed as 40lbs lighter than the ZR7 and although it feels a lot lighter than that, I’m thinking a lot of the weight difference (in how it feels) is due to a lower center of gravity as well as the fact that I’ve gotten use to wrestling with the weight and possibly have strengthened a few muscles in the couple of years I was maneuvering the ZR7.

One thing I do notice immediately is the lack of comfort. The comfort of the Ninja is not lacking however I already miss my Corbin seat. Riding a steel pony for longer than 45 minutes can leave your derrière a little or a LOT fatigued. Unfortunately the Corbin seat for the 650R is about $450.00 and is not high on my list of affordable upgrades. One upgrade that is on my list to buy soon is a set of ‘Grab Bars’ for the back. The need for grab bars isn’t so much for a passenger but for strapping things to the back. The stock Ninja does not come with the grab bars like it’s sister the ER-6n. I still have not figured this one out. Anyone from Kawasaki care to chime in?

I will need to sell the ZR7 soon, I don’t really want to continue to pay for a bike I don’t ride…. Anyone interested?

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