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How To Piss Off Women Not Really Paying Attention!

No this episode is NOT designed to piss off women but it will still happen. It will happen because people will listen to this episode without paying attention to what I am truly saying. Want a hint? It’s about women’s equality and how they are not truly equal and what it will take to make it that way.

You can’t demand equality while still requesting special privileges. That’s now how equality works. Equality is EQUAL. Either you want to be equal or you don’t. I’m not talking just about women in that aforementioned statement but for the sake of this post, I will be.

Men’s pro tennis players play five sets. Women play three (a holdover from 1902, when the US Lawn Tennis Association cut women’s play, fearing over-exertion).

A 12-year-old girl who enters a local tournament sanctioned by US Kids Golf plays just nine holes; a boy her age in the same tournament plays 18 – regardless of their relative skill or experience.

Rule differences in sports?


Men have to wear heavy gloves, women can choose to wear thinner gloves for a better grip.

Men allow 10 players on the field at a time, Women allow 12. (wtf?)


Women: Smaller basketball, No time limit for crossing half court, 3 point line is closer

Football: HAHA I would love to see women play football. That’s not sarcastic, I believe they could do it. However, I would have no interest if they couldn’t physically engage the other player which kind of ruins women’s LAX. Let them hit, be hit, and enjoy it just as much as a man. I’m not sure there a lot of sports I’d foresee cross-gender playing due to size differences between male and female athlete’s, but I think there are a few that could allow it easily due to them being a lot more equal. I think men and women could play basketball and/or soccer together. Women are not at a true disadvantage by size in these sports. Pro American football however, would be a very unfair and dangerous game. There are exceptions to every rule but I think these are pretty obvious.

Enough about sports, lets venture elsewhere.

The military:

Now I’m not the know all / end all regarding military training so if I am off on a few things, please let me know.

Hair: Boot camp’s biggest kick in the teeth for a lot of people is the shaved head. It sets uniformity and helps put everyone on the same low level psychologically. Women want to be more and more equal in their military positions right? Why are women not required to fully shave their heads like men? Is the military saying women deserve any more special treatment than the men?

Well, the Marines first messed up but then during their backtrack did what should have been done all along. Kudos Ladies and Gentlemen.

The article is here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/the-hero-project/articles/2014/01/07/lowering-standards-for-female-marines-is-not-gender-equality.html

Your MOS / job is based on your physical capabilities as opposed to your gender. No man or woman deserve to be in a position strictly because you lowered the standards for them to be there. If men can’t pass the test, they can’t be allowed to do the job, same as women.

The workplace:

Personally, as with the rest of these topics, I do not have any issues with women wanting and getting to be equal. Go for it. However, earn it. If you get a lower standard in order to be ‘equal’ with a man, you do not deserve it. I feel that way about anything and everything. It’s not about male vs. female. It’s about the word ‘equal’.

Now, in the workplace generally, there’s no need for standards to be lowered. Men and women have the same capacity for mental skill and education. No one man is smarter than a woman because he is a man, or vice versa. Now some jobs may be easier for a man to do… even mentally. We generally are less emotional when making decisions in comparison to women but that’s not a weakness on a woman’s behalf and sometimes is a benefit.

There is one time a year, or every couple years, that I definitely discriminate by gender. Its when I vote. Now hold on, don’t get your panties in a twist yet ladies. I discriminate in your ‘favor’. Whenever I vote for judges and I unfortunately do not know a lot about the candidates, I tend to vote for the woman. Historically, women are harder on criminals that deserve it than a man. I don’t know why, and maybe its the motherly nature of women protecting what could potentially be the next victim but generally women judges cut less slack.

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