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It has been a while.

I’ve not gone AWOL so much as I’ve just gotten myself really busy. I’ve done nothing but work and shoot photos and look for things to shoot and plan where to shoot more and work some more and edit photos and edit more photos and shoot more photos and get further behind on everything else including editing more photos. A lot right? What have I gotten myself into? I just don’t know. I promise to get back and give you some updates on several things but I’m just too tired tonight. I will probably be busy tomorrow night too. I think tomorrow night is the Raleigh Tea Party down town. And for any eyebrows that just went up… I mean in relation to the Boston Tea Party not in relation to Sissy’s stuffed animals sitting around a 2 foot tall plastic table with plastic dinnerware. These things are going on all around the country and I want to be present to not only possibly participate but to get some photos of Americans doing what we never do enough anymore. Speak our minds to our government! And now… your moment of Zen…. (Mind you I dislike my picture being taken.) – Jason

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Pirates? Really?

Yes, the world still has Pirates. And by Pirates I am not referring to the persons sitting at their computer desks ripping down CD’s to trade off with their friends, nor the people downloading ‘utilitized’ software from the ‘interwebs’. I mean Pirates in the same way that Christopher Columbus may have referred to them. Pirates with such notoriety as Black Beard, Blue Beard, Petey, and Jack Sparrow (smirk) are still out there robbing and kidnapping. See: WRAL.com Where, you ask? Near Somalia. Why, you ask? Not sure but I think its more because that area needs stronger government to manage their people. How, you ask? Because there isn’t any leader left in the world that will send a freakin’ missile into each boat that hijacks another one. But those are my personal answers. It seems very strange to me that having literal ship pirates in these modern times is about hilarious. Really? Why can’t we find the boats responsible and aim a huge cannon at them from 4 angles and force them to abandon ship…. Then blow the boat to smithereens! Duh! Its not like they can outrun jets, subs, helicopters, and our own military aircraft. Well hopefully we’ll see what President Obama’s made of in his nether regions because these pirates just hijacked an American flagged cargo ship and kidnapped around 20 American personnel. This will hopefully get the reactions I mentioned above but will test Obama’s meddle in the aspect of media relations while dealing with a conflict. Until then, I’ll wish the best for the persons that were aboard the ship and their families. This has been going on for too long. They’ve been screwing with and attacking ships as large as even cruise ships for years. It’s about time someone put these ‘Sammies’ in their place.

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For a President that smokes…. Not So Smoker Friendly

It appears that both smokers and non smokers are feeling a little upset and put off by the latest government tax increase on cigarettes. Obama voted into play a tax hike on cigarettes that is geared to fund the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Now no one has a problem with equal healthcare for children of all economical statuses but there is a feeling of unfairness that it must be paid by 1 group of persons. Plus any 5th grader can see the obvious flaw… but we’ll get to that later. I’ve said for years that taxes on cigarettes suck but it’s part of the pain of luxury. I’ve mumbled like any other smoker and went along with it saying that I’d quit when it got too expensive. Well that time is at hand and the reasoning behind it is quite unjust. Not because “Waaaah, its not fair, blah blah I enjoy smoking…” but more because of WHY the taxes are being set and for what purposes. They are funding SCHIP with this insane increase and they are saying that hopefully over a million smokers or more will quit due to the cost increase. 10 – 50 cents are high taxes. $1.00+ tax increase in one fell swoop is insane! Especially when it will be followed by another one nearly as large. But here are my personal issues with it: * Everyone by now should know that I am anti-Socialism. I don’t feel I should HAVE to pay anyone else’s way, including their parents, siblings, kids, friends, etc. I may VOLOUNTEER to do so but being strong armed by Uncle SAM into it really presses my buttons. Well that’s what this tax is. I do not have children (yet) but I am forced through this tax to pay 10-20$

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Boycott after Boycott brought to you in part by IAmRoberson

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to be very fond of personal politics and more of a patriot and ‘for the people’ in practice. I tend to stand firm in what I believe in even to the point of using a good ole’ fashioned boycott. You know a boycott…. the stuff you read about back in school history books. What our forefathers used as personal economic weapons to those they felt were doing the wrong thing. Since I’m so stubborn and refuse to budge on my core patriotic beliefs I decided I would hard code them into my site. I would obviously like any of you to read my list as I add to them but feel free to choose your own opinions about it. I will tell you up front that boycotting can be very difficult, especially if it is a company you personally buy/use something from but if I can (as a person who hates change) can do it and find alternatives then anyone can. Now there are several companies in particular that I boycott currently. If you know me you may know how I feel about illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is one of my ‘hot spots’ and I feel very passionately about it. Without going into a long political layout of things (which I may do later) I’ll say that they, if ILLEGAL, due a lot of harm to the country’s economy, security, and the citizens themselves. Some of my reasons are: * They qualify for government assistance (eventually even Social Security) yet they pay $0 in taxes towards it. (ie. that means you and I are paying for their benefits.) (This also includes going to the hospital to have multiple children and leaving the bills to be wiped due to non payment. Wiping debt causes rates

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