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Socialist or Capitalist? (If you had to choose no gray area or middle ground)

so·cial·ism   (sō’shə-lĭz’əm) -noun Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy. The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which collective ownership of the economy under the dictatorship of the proletariat has not yet been successfully achieved.   cap⋅i⋅tal⋅ism /ˈkæpɪtlˌɪzəm/ -noun an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, esp. as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.   If you had to choose one side or the other, which side would you fall on? I’ve listed the true definitions per (Dictionary.com) to give you the true meaning but some people prefer examples. These examples are some of the things that are currently being proposed or discussed in the news. Social Security – We pay for someone else’s benefits and expect someone else to pay for ours at some point. (Socialism) – A Capitalist would say, let me save up and earn my own interest. Let me reap the benefits of my money sitting in a bank and use it to live a lifestyle that matches what I’ve invested my entire life for. The problem is Americans in general have NO discipline. We dig ourselves into a rut of debt and don’t save enough for an emergency much less enough to live 10/20/+ years on when we cannot be gainfully employed any longer. A Capitalist would say, “You snooze, you lose.” A Socialist would expect the government or the community to bail them out of their own irresponsibility. Personally I think that if a person cannot pay for themselves down

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The Chicago Tea Party and how the responsible Americans are getting left out. (part I)

We cannot all be happy but for those of you who are not following this stimulus package and its finer print here is one part of it that is kindly helping some of the irresponsible and letting the rest of us know that we’re not appreciated for doing the right thing all along. • Helping Hard-Pressed Homeowners Stay in their Homes: This initiative is intended to reach millions of responsible homeowners who are struggling to afford their mortgage payments because of the current recession, yet cannot sell their homes because prices have fallen so significantly. Millions of hard-working families have seen their mortgage payments rise to 40 or even 50 percent of their monthly income – particularly those who received subprime and exotic loans with exploding terms and hidden fees. That is directly from the executive summary of the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan. While that does help those that have lost income due to the recession it also bails out millions of people who knowingly ‘bought too much house’ for what they could afford. While the rest of us (say 5 years ago) bought a home with a loan knowing exactly what we could afford currently and for years to come, some people decided to jump into loans that they willingly knew would balloon up over time in hopes that their salaries or incomes would change. That was their own stupidity. Their problems now aren’t that they lost income but the piper has come for his payment that they agreed to in the beginning and they can’t afford it. This happened on such a grand scale that the foreclosures across America have exploded over the last several years and are partially to blame for the current recession. Yet now, they are getting bailed out by the government. Uncle Sam

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Restating My Stance (in a more appropriate manner)

For those of you who’ve read my article on the smoking ban that was proposed here in N.C. I ranted in ways that seemed a lot like a smoker just belly-aching about his rights. Let me correct your interpretations. I have a right to smoke. I however, ONLY have a right to smoke where I am invited to. I am currently ‘invited’ (by the owners of such) to smoke in most bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. I have no problems with any establishment in which the OWNERS refuse smoking sections. I will also agree that the silly dividers that are put up in most places are a joke when it comes to dividing the smoking and non-smoking sections. This right I have to smoke is a lot like my right to carry my pistol concealed. I currently am allowed to carry it concealed anywhere the ‘owner’ allows me. The Federal and State Governments do not allow me to carry on their properties. Nor does any establishment in which the owner posts a sign that forbids concealed carry. I respect that as well. My biggest issue is not whether or not I am allowed to smoke here or there. My biggest issue is the government telling the true owners of ANY establishment if they can or cannot allow certain persons in there or certain LEGAL activities on the premises. Until smoking is considered illegal, the government should have no say over the private sector. The owner of an establishment should decide whom he/she wishes to alienate more, the smokers or the non smokers. McDonalds, Burger King, and other food chains banned smoking in their establishments years ago. I’ve never had a problem with that. It doesn’t bother me because they chose as a corporation to take that stance on smoking. Uncle Sam

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I’m Sorry Mr. Holliman But… No!

House Majority Leader Hugh Holliman filed another infringement law on Wednesday morning. It can be found here: H.B. 2: Prohibit Smoking in Public & Work Places Act. This bill would enact strict rules to ban smoking in more places than ever before in N.C. I’ve written about this in the past on other sites but after reading over the article on WRAL, I can see that there is at least one person in our government that feels EXACTLY as I do. I’ve spoken these exact feelings in the past. “I have the right to choose where I go. What I don’t want to do is tell the person who has invested $1 million in his restaurant how he has to run the restaurant, what his rules have to be, what he has to allow and what he can allow,” said Sen. Eddie Goodall, R-Mecklenburg. (WRAL) Ok, here is where my pity ends. You see Mr. Holliman has battled twice with lung cancer. I am sorry for that Mr. Holliman. I am also sorry that your sister died of the same. To me that says its probably more genetic than smoking but either way, I am very sorry you’ve been through all of that. I truly am. “Holliman said he has experienced the danger of secondhand smoke firsthand – he believes it caused his two bouts with lung cancer and the death of his sister from the disease. Barnhart said his motivation is also personal.” (WRAL) Did you see that I highlighted and italicized that one word above? Ok, I will say this and hope not to offend too much. This is ignorance talking. We all know smoking can kill you, cause Cancer, and just plain stink. I’ve dealt with it in my personal life as well however, this is ignorance.

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Preventing A Disaster (with Powershell)

So, I walked into a production issue this morning at work that could have been easily prevented. A process we run at work moves files to a directory then imports the information from those files. This occurs every day and the files being moved into the import directory will not overwrite any files that are already in that directory. Long story short the files imported were the wrong ones since the ones that needed to be dropped off were moved to a staging area instead. Had I known there were files in there a 5 minute fix to prevent this would have saved me a half day’s recovery. I decided to prevent this from happening again by running a simple script. The following script checks the directory on a server for any files with the csv extension. If it doesn’t find any, then all is well, life goes on. If files are found, it emails/pages me so I can move those files before the process runs. /* 1      $filecheck = Test-Path “\\servername\directory\*.csv” 2      If ($filecheck) { 3            $SmtpClient = new-object system.net.mail.smtpClient 4            $SmtpServer = “localhost” 5            $SmtpClient.host = “exchange.server.address” 6 7           $msg = New-Object Net.Mail.MailMessage 8           $msg.From = “Your Server” 9           $msg.To.Add(“email@address.net”) 10        $msg.Subject = “Your Directory not Empty!” 11         $msg.Body = “The directory for the blah is not empty! ” + (Get-Date) 12         $SmtpClient.Send($msg) 13 14                                } */ Ok, broken down line one sets a variable querying whether or not the path listed exists. This variable saves as a boolean.  Line two does a simple If/Else statement. In Powershell Else will be assumed. Boolean equivalent of True is If($variable) if we needed to check for false we would use If(!$variable). Lines 3-12 are the lines needed to email with SMTP. Line 3 creates the email object. Line 4 uses the localhost

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Finding a Service’s Authentication ID

At work, us Administrators are considered prima donnas. And most of the time we accept that and will even admit to it. We like things a certain way and we tend to also get set in our ways. Recently the company hired a new VP of a department that promotes a more secure environment to work in. To protect the guilty, I’ll not use his name, so instead I’ll refer to him as Satan. *smirk* Satan has good intentions in the long run but has the social and personality skills of a pissed off bull. He has no professional courtesy nor does he wish to. Now I will also note that anyone in his position will always be considered the ‘bad guy’ but I think he really enjoys the title more than actually just accepting it as a side effect of his profession. I say all of that to say this: We, the prima donna group have been in the habit of not changing our passwords as regularly as we should, and in cases where our bosses and end users beat us into submission about getting something to work “no matter how it’s done”, we’ve made some bad practices over the years. Such as…. running a service, scheduled task, or mapping a drive with our own credentials. Well without warning Satan decided to enforce the company policies in the middle of a work day and force a company wide password change, which under most circumstances wouldn’t be so bad… however, this broke a lot of things that people have forgotten about for years. (ie. a Service that’s been running under ‘Johnsmith’ for the last 28 months. The key point in this was “WITHOUT WARNING”, none. He is 100% correct in enforcing the rule but professional courtesy should have given us

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