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Another 100 Moment

While out geocaching the other night, I reached the 100 ‘found’ mark. We, Jonathan and I, are trying to close out the Clayton/Zebulon areas and work our way back to Raleigh. There are only a handful in the Knightdale area I have left to log, being the 2 behind the Target shopping center, 3 behind the library, and a handful that are off on some back roads. We’re both off Monday so maybe we can plan to kill those off during the day.

We are also trying to come up with a ‘team name’ so we don’t have to waste two spaces on the log when we both sign it. Any suggestions?

On a different note, I’m once again behind on my PhotoChallenge shots. I need to snag my Silk and Shoe shots. I know what I want to get but need to obtain the items. Anyone have a pair of pink ballerina shoes? How about a silk belt? Oh well. I’ve got all the ones I need from that point to present. I need to stop being lazy and just make them happen.

Here’s that Zen thing I owe you all…


– Jason

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