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The Last Will and Testament of ‘Juliet Whiskey Tango’

What I’ve done is created a monster. A hateful resenting beast that forgives only itself. What I’ve allowed is my mind to slip to the recesses of where it has made a home in my far past.

A comfort zone is where I lay, paralyzed by hurt and instability. 3’s they come in 3’s, and what would life be like for everyone else if I laid down mine?

I wonder what everyone’s eulogy for me would consist of… I lay awake at night thinking hurtful thoughts… thoughts that only hurt me. Thoughts that may or may not be or have been but my mind finds comfort in my self inflicted pain. Things transpiring before my eyes as if I were there. Why? How? When? Who?

This monster laughs at my pain. If you could see me at any given moment right now you would see me smiling. I am not happy but I am smiling. If you intentionally hurt me right now you would see me smirk then a chilling grin and then a smile. It is my demon not me, for I am gone right now…

Leave a message and I may call you when I return.

– Jason Roberson

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  1. Wow, I do have to say that the picture itself is worth a thousand words, but your interpretation has given it a deeper meaning. One would worry & be concerned that your demon is getting the better of you. You are a very talented writer & have a great eye for capturing an image (photography). If you need anything know that I am here. <3 G

  2. Wow man..Kind of leaves you speechless. The shot was excellently composed and post processed. VERY nice job there..The writing..hrmm…makes sense and yet confuses the reader. Very deep and thought provoking. If I didnt know you as well I would call the mental hospital =)The words fit them image so well. Keep up the great work man..its great watching you grow as a photographer!

    1. Thanks for the compliments. I am full of that writing material. Maybe I’m just full of angst… not sure. Either way, thanks for the assistance with the shot alignment and composition. It was tedious running back and forth.

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