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Oh for the love of Obama…

I find myself saying it more and more lately… The more I dislike all of the Socialism the current President and his administration are trying to infuse into our current Economy, the more I also realize that I like the president himself. Last night’s Letterman makes a perfect example of why… Recently former POTUS Jimmy Carter made the jackass comment that the outburst/s made against the current Administration’s Healthcare bill is due to racism. C’mon, can’t someone that once qualified as the most powerful man in the world do something better than jump on a cheesy bandwagon? Everyone that disagrees with Obama’s changes are being called racist. I would expect this from Sharpton or Jackson but Carter!?!?!?! Really? Well the POTUS himself last night debunked Carter saying… “I think it’s important to realize that I was actually black before the election.” People voted for him because they liked him. Some didn’t because they didn’t. I didn’t because his policies scared me and all in all… they still do but as a person… I think he’s gotta be pretty cool to hang out with.

For the love of God I hope his Healthcare bill gets blown apart or changed drastically. I disagree with his solutions for several other issues but I would still love to have the invite to a ‘Beer Summit’ with him. The man has a sense of humor and that’s what I appreciate most in people. In today’s society everyone gets too whiny and ‘sue happy’ if someone doesn’t agree with them or isn’t PC enough. I’ve watched Obama deflect a lot of criticism with much style instead of getting his presidential boxers in a bunch. Hooray to you President Obama.

I have been formulating my public approach to this healthcare bill and proposal and will be posting that very soon… I just thought I would put up these Kudos…

– Jason

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