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As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to be very fond of personal politics and more of a patriot and ‘for the people’ in practice. I tend to stand firm in what I believe in even to the point of using a good ole’ fashioned boycott. You know a boycott…. the stuff you read about back in school history books. What our forefathers used as personal economic weapons to those they felt were doing the wrong thing. Since I’m so stubborn and refuse to budge on my core patriotic beliefs I decided I would hard code them into my site.

I would obviously like any of you to read my list as I add to them but feel free to choose your own opinions about it. I will tell you up front that boycotting can be very difficult, especially if it is a company you personally buy/use something from but if I can (as a person who hates change) can do it and find alternatives then anyone can.

Now there are several companies in particular that I boycott currently. If you know me you may know how I feel about illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is one of my ‘hot spots’ and I feel very passionately about it. Without going into a long political layout of things (which I may do later) I’ll say that they, if ILLEGAL, due a lot of harm to the country’s economy, security, and the citizens themselves. Some of my reasons are:

* They qualify for government assistance (eventually even Social Security) yet they pay $0 in taxes towards it. (ie. that means you and I are paying for their benefits.)

(This also includes going to the hospital to have multiple children and leaving the bills to be wiped due to non payment. Wiping debt causes rates and the cost of medical care to go up for the rest of us to pay back the hospital’s losses.)

* They are the #1 cause of Alcohol related auto accidents in this state. People may contest that but 9/10 times you see or read about the deaths on the highways these days it is followed by (is here illegally and does not have a license to operate a vehicle).

(This is a larger liability because if they do not flee the scene they are still driving without any insurance in most cases and leave the injured persons or victim’s family with high hospital bills.)

This points to another issue which is liability in general. They have no SSN, or identification so they are not traceable once they are released from custody. (which by the way most places are catch / warn / and release.

* They earn money only to send most of it back to their home country. This means they are taking money from our (now hurting) economy and not spending it back into our economy.

* They are getting reduced or free educations in a lot of cases because most states do not ban undocumented immigrants. They can often times qualify for education assistance which means hardworking Americans and their children no longer have that assistance available to themselves. We pay for education because the assistance programs that are created to help us are being given out to people who don’t put back into our system. (Vicious Cycle again.)

I say all of that to say this: I am not prejudice or racist. I don’t care who comes here or from where but I DO want them do be documented, legal, and responsible. Bring them over from whatever homeland they decide to come from however, make them do it correctly and legally. Legal immigrants cause little to none of the aforementioned problems and usually are themselves upset with ones that cheat the system that they worked so hard to get into.

Ok, back to the boycott issue. Here is my list of companies that I boycott due to their relationships with the illegal immigration issues. (and Why!)

Bank of America Bank of America Supports illegal immigration and open borders.
Bank of America has been identified as part of the OBL Open Borders Lobby.
You should Boycott them for the following reasons.

  1. Bank of America accepts the worthless Mexican ID called a Matricula Consular card. Only illegal aliens in America need this card to function.
  2. Bank of America knowingly gives illegal aliens bank accounts and home mortgages at a time when foreclosures are at historically high levels for legal American citizens.
  3. Bank of America is now targeting illegal aliens to receive credit cards with no social security or credit history. In effect, illegal aliens will be given preferential treatment over American credit consumers.
  4. Bank of America gives tens of thousands of dollars to racist groups that support illegal immigration such as La Raza (The Race), MALDEF, and LULAC. They also give money to try and defeat immigration enforcement measures supported by the American public such as Arizona’s proposition 200!

Companies like Bank of America want to make a buck off of illegal immigration while Americans pay the many costs associated with this crisis.
Existing federal law says they should not do it.
(* Information taken from www.bankofamericaboycott.com a wonderful informational website, check it out!)

Miller Beer Miller Brewing Company of Milwaukee, WI, producers of the popular beer Miller Genuine Draft, has given at least $30,000 to groups that support illegal aliens and illegal immigration so they can march down our city streets making demands of Americans.
(* Information taken from www.millerboycott.com )
Home Depot Known to subsidize day labor lounges for illegal aliens throughout California, and will even lobby local city counsels for tax payer subsidization of these lounges.
(* Information taken from www.noinvaders.org )
Citi Bank A fanatic lobbyist for promoting and accepting the Matricula Consular card, they boast a bank account campaign accepting the card and giving away mugs with the Mexican flag.
(* Information taken from www.noinvaders.org )

There are many more offenders but I will stop this post at this point and let you mull over and collect your own opinion about this subject.

– Jason

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