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Death and Taxes

I’d say that the title was a joke initially but in all reality it pretty much boils down to that. Insurance ([to avoid] Death) and the Obama sodomy squad looking to take as much from people as they can (Taxes). I’ve tried time and time again to give this guy the benefit of the doubt but he’s not really leaving me many options at this point. The current healthcare legislation is getting to a point to which I cannot hold my tongue any longer. Obama and his cronies, wanting to help, are trying to give everyone in America healthcare. While I can respect the notion I cannot however respect his approach. For those of you who are not paying close enough attention, here is what they are trying to push through and why it should tick you off:


A Public Option: – Government run healthcare.

For those of you unfamiliar with this concept look at our current government run programs for seniors or veterans. In fact, try talking to anyone that is using either of these options more than for checkups. Some would say that the Federal government has yet to successfully run a program like this on a smaller scale much less what they are proposing now. I personally would like to add that whether they CAN do it or not… they shouldn’t. It’s not their job nor duty as a Government. It puts their paws too far into the business infrastructure of the country. This is how and why the government keeps growing to its ungodly and unnecessary size and stealing more and more power to control individuals. The federal government should do very few things. Examples of these few things are: 1) Protect our outlying borders from foreign enemies. 2) Regulate State to State interests and relationships. 3) Hrm, still trying to figure out a number 3.



Staying with the Democrat status quo, the Obama administration is looking to take the normal approach of having the rich pay for the poor. I am all for charities but I am a firm believer in working for what you have. I understand that there are people out there that work harder than I do for next to nothing and those are the people I actually DO want to find a way to help however, there has got to be a better way. There are WAY TOO MANY people out there currently ‘mooching’ off of the system and making the current system worse than it really should be. There are people who NEED government assistance to get by yet cannot get it. These people work 40+ hours a week and only need a tiny bit of help to get over the hump while some people sit at home collecting welfare checks refusing to even LOOK for a job. There are people that keep popping out children even though they couldn’t/can’t afford the first one, two, or three that they had. I won’t even get started on DRUG TESTS for WELFARE CHECKS because GOD knows we could save A LOT of money if that were enacted.

Basically if the current bill passes, the more money you make, the more money they take and I don’t mean on a 1 to 1 ratio. Different income brackets will pay outrageously more in taxes and for health insurance than lower income brackets… FOR THE SAME COVERAGE! No doubt those of us that choose to keep our own private insurance will still pay taxes to cover others. For example: Its currently being said that someone with the income base of 60,000 or so will pay somewhere between 20-30% of their income towards insurance. OMFG! Really? Lets see now, If I make 60k a year then I will pay 15-18k a year for insurance? And I guarantee it will be coverage only moderate in quality for what I currently pay 5k a year for now. If you make more, you will be held MORE responsible for paying for other’s insurance.



Once this is in, everyone will be FORCED by law to have health insurance. No joke. Unconstitutional anyone? I do see the reasoning behind it though as a patriot I could never justify it. If everyone is paying through the nose for insurance yet ‘Paco’ (for example) decides that he still doesn’t want to buy it because he can still get taken care of and skip out on the bill, then why not just do that? I think this part of the bill means well to protect the rest of us but is way too unconstitutional to actually do. Apparently the OSS (Obama Sodomy Squad) still thinks they can do this and is trying to with this bill. You will be forced to either have private insurance (which I believe will disappear eventually) or the government plan. Sounds to me like the ONLY reason the private insurance realm is starting to back this bill.

The OSS swears up and down that you will be able to keep your current insurance if you wish and they will not force you to take the NEW plan but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out their end game on this one either. All companies still offering privatized insurance to their employees will get taxed and penalized insanely to recover costs for their employees not taking the ObamaCare plan. As a small company or even a business savvy one which would you choose? 1) Continue to get screwed out of thousands or millions of dollars to ‘do the right thing’ by your employees and offer good insurance plans… or 2) Save money to avoid going broke and give in to the pressure. Offering the ObamaCare packages to their employees may be the only thing to do. Seems to me that slowly but surely the back alley politics behind this will eventually force everyone to the ObamaCare package whether they want it or not.


If its so good…

If the new plan is so great with so many coverage options and benefits…. If it’s going to save money yet still give you the ‘best quality treatment’…. If this is what will save so many American’s lives…. then WHY ARE SENATORS, CONGRESSMENT, THE PRESIDENT, HIS FAMILY, AND ANYONE ACTUALLY VOTING THIS THROUGH… EXEMPT FROM HAVING TO TAKE THIS OPTION? Oh think about how much these ass-hats would have to pay based on THEIR salaries.. (See Taxes:) This is for real yet no one is answering this question. I’d say let them pass the damned bill but only IF everyone in the aforementioned groups HAS to take the plan as government employees. Nah, it would never even make it through one voting session if that were the case.

I will try to shred through the 2000+ page bill to cite specifics like I usually do but as of now… chew on the ugly fat that I’ve given you. At this point I’m all for advising everyone of you to write/call your representatives and telling them that if they vote ‘yes’ then you’ll vote against them next election no matter who is running against them. These people work for us but they seem to forget that. I will go out on a limb and say that there hasn’t been an uprising against the government this large since the Vietnam war and they don’t seem to take notice. All we can do is speak out and that’s what a lot of people are doing. Maybe we just need more people to do it.

What do you think?


– Jason

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