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Pirates? Really?

Yes, the world still has Pirates. And by Pirates I am not referring to the persons sitting at their computer desks ripping down CD’s to trade off with their friends, nor the people downloading ‘utilitized’ software from the ‘interwebs’. I mean Pirates in the same way that Christopher Columbus may have referred to them. Pirates with such notoriety as Black Beard, Blue Beard, Petey, and Jack Sparrow (smirk) are still out there robbing and kidnapping. See: WRAL.com

Where, you ask? Near Somalia. Why, you ask? Not sure but I think its more because that area needs stronger government to manage their people. How, you ask? Because there isn’t any leader left in the world that will send a freakin’ missile into each boat that hijacks another one. But those are my personal answers.

It seems very strange to me that having literal ship pirates in these modern times is about hilarious. Really? Why can’t we find the boats responsible and aim a huge cannon at them from 4 angles and force them to abandon ship…. Then blow the boat to smithereens! Duh! Its not like they can outrun jets, subs, helicopters, and our own military aircraft.

Well hopefully we’ll see what President Obama’s made of in his nether regions because these pirates just hijacked an American flagged cargo ship and kidnapped around 20 American personnel. This will hopefully get the reactions I mentioned above but will test Obama’s meddle in the aspect of media relations while dealing with a conflict. Until then, I’ll wish the best for the persons that were aboard the ship and their families.

This has been going on for too long. They’ve been screwing with and attacking ships as large as even cruise ships for years. It’s about time someone put these ‘Sammies’ in their place.

– Jason

 (update) Apparently the crew has retaken control of the ship but the captain is still being held captive. (WRAL.com)

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  1. You are correct in that this will be a good test to see how Obama reacts in the media with a crisis going on. Going to be interesting but either way i agree with you. Someone needs to sink their ships and get a leader over there that wants to change things for the better. If that doesnt happen things are just going to get worse…

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