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Restating My Stance (in a more appropriate manner)

For those of you who’ve read my article on the smoking ban that was proposed here in N.C. I ranted in ways that seemed a lot like a smoker just belly-aching about his rights. Let me correct your interpretations.

I have a right to smoke. I however, ONLY have a right to smoke where I am invited to. I am currently ‘invited’ (by the owners of such) to smoke in most bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. I have no problems with any establishment in which the OWNERS refuse smoking sections. I will also agree that the silly dividers that are put up in most places are a joke when it comes to dividing the smoking and non-smoking sections. This right I have to smoke is a lot like my right to carry my pistol concealed. I currently am allowed to carry it concealed anywhere the ‘owner’ allows me. The Federal and State Governments do not allow me to carry on their properties. Nor does any establishment in which the owner posts a sign that forbids concealed carry. I respect that as well.

My biggest issue is not whether or not I am allowed to smoke here or there. My biggest issue is the government telling the true owners of ANY establishment if they can or cannot allow certain persons in there or certain LEGAL activities on the premises. Until smoking is considered illegal, the government should have no say over the private sector.

The owner of an establishment should decide whom he/she wishes to alienate more, the smokers or the non smokers.

McDonalds, Burger King, and other food chains banned smoking in their establishments years ago. I’ve never had a problem with that. It doesn’t bother me because they chose as a corporation to take that stance on smoking. Uncle Sam or Uncle State can bug off. If restaurant (A) decides to allow smokers they may lose the business of the non smokers, if they choose to ban smoking, they may lose the business of the smokers. Simple politics right?

When it comes to governments everything starts small. They take this and that away and tell you its bad. Then they move to something else that is less ‘evil’ but disliked by most. Then they ban something disliked by only some. Pretty soon over the years you are allowing them to dictate what THEY want you to do and not do. Freedom? You will not take it from a lot of Americans willingly. Yet the masses are blinded by their personal preferences. They don’t see it as a loss of liberty they see it as an issue between smokers vs. non-smokers, not the Gov. vs. citizens making their own choices (owners). People I ask you to step back from the forest and look at the trees for what they are. One day, it may be something you consider a personal right that is taken away. All because you gave the big Uncles momentum.

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  1. I have to say this is worded very well & I to agree with your explaination/arguement.

    1. Thank you both. I will have to say the site is more pleasant to the eyes this way but does not give me the catagory layout the way I wished. It is subject to change again. :)- Jason

  2. i read both of your articles/rants about this issue and both of them were good, however something about this one seemed to have points worded different in a way that made your thoughts mean so much more and seem so much stronger and easier to relate to. Just wondering, have you started calling/writing to anyone about it yet?

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