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I Know Someone Will Chew Me Out For This But….

I started a post about a subject that I figured would be touchy. I gave an example of something to lead into it and turned this entire post into the beast you find below. So I’ve now rewritten the intro to this series of sentences and will just let you fall directly into the mess below. I will address the original topic later to anyone that feels they still can return. 🙂

Healthcare: Although I like the concept of public healthcare for everyone just because they are born and live here in the United States, I cannot agree that there is a way to do it that doesn’t make things worse on the support side of that spectrum. I am a firm believer in you should earn what you get and other than gifts out of love, charity, or kindness along the way… no one should get a free ride. This isn’t a system that I decided to believe DUE to the debate of public healthcare but one that I had for all aspects of life that I apply to the debate. I don’t believe one group of persons should pay the way for everyone else. I think that when you punish success by slipping the bill to those that have busted their humps to get what they earn that eventually the Socialism cycle starts generating less and less productive people for two main reasons. “1) Why work so hard to have a larger than fair chunk taken away and given to others.” and “2) Why work so hard when there are other people that will take care of me.”. This isn’t something that happens immediately but over long periods of time and generations.

A good example of #2 is for a lot of the persons that REMAIN on Welfare. Now before you close this window and cuss my name in vain, let me finish this thought. Welfare was designed as a good program and in a lot of ways still IS a good program. There are A LOT of people that I know that either currently use the assistance or have had to at some point. I will say however that the majority of the people I have in my life, whether family or friend, are also people that use/d Welfare for EXACTLY what it was designed for: TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE not a PERMANENT supplement to their income because they don’t want to work harder, make sacrifices, or do anything in addition to improve their situation.

With that said about the people that abuse the system and drain the pocketbook that could easily help others let me go further into ticking these people off. I think there are a lot of drugs that should be legalized. I said that to say this, I don’t have a problem with most drugs and I’m not a die hard anti drug zealot that preaches to people that may smoke weed or whatever. I personally don’t do them but don’t really care if others do. I’ve been around a lot of it most of my life and in my opinion most of them are no worse than alcohol. Now, again, I said all of that to say this…. I think that in order to qualify for welfare, ALL persons above the age of 18 in the household should be drug tested. Any positive results…. results in suspension of the PRIVILEGE. It is a privilege NOT a right.

Mad at me yet? No? Well then let me continue….

There is one level of Socialized medicine that I do agree with. I think any persons under the age of 25 that is enrolled into school should still retain an assisted healthcare option. After growing up and the time comes for people to put on their big boy/girl pants, I think it is a person’s responsibility to provide for theirself.

I didn’t have anything handed to me nor did I have a free ride when it came to education or a golden job with kick ass benefits. I worked retail jobs, customer service jobs, construction jobs, etc and along the way there were times I didn’t have insurance and other times that I had some kind of insurance that at least helped. I got a job where I am now and ended up with some pretty good benefits and have busted my ass to get where I am with this company. I didn’t expect anyone to help me along the way nor did I ask for help. Not having things like insurance or money for finer things only pushed me to work harder… not whine and complain about what I didnt have. I’m afraid our society as a whole spends more time whining about what they dont get for free and how unfair it is that someone has something they dont as opposed to working harder to get where the other person is. The American Dream never was about getting all kinds of awesome things… it was about having the opportunity to work harder and to get your dreams to come true…. I don’t understand where this ideal of ‘being owed something’ came from but its growing out of control. No one in this country or world rather is owed anything… except opportunity to work for what they want in life.

Grow up America!

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